An Obsession with Asian Skincare Products

Exploring Skincare Products for Asian Skin

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I purchased this toner not long ago, and mainly use it to wipe away my stubborn mascara after cleansing. I pour a generous amount onto a soft cotton pad, and then gently dab and wipe away my panda eyes.

I use waterproof Japanese branded fiber mascaras, and some are very hard to remove even after double cleansing.

This toner from Lancôme is extremely gentle on my skin, and is especially perfect for the skin around my eye area. It is also hydrating and hydrates my skin well. The consistency of this toner is thick, and is perfect for those with dry skin.

This toner contains honey and cottonseed extract for ultimate hydration. The price of this toner is only $25USD, and is a much lower price than my regular Shiseido softeners and SK-II facial essence.

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